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    I went on vacation out of the country and figured I'd save some space and not bring the charger, especially because I couldn't use the phone where I was going.

    Turned the phone off when we hit the air (power...swap battery.) When I went to turn the phone back on, 5 days later, it would not turn on. It was totally dead.

    Fortunately, my son brought along his phone and charger (to use with the local WIFI network) so I charged my phone back up the afternoon before we left. As happens, when totally dead, it first displayed the battery symbol, then switched back on and completed charging.

    I turned it back off after charging. The next morning it was dead again...maybe 12 hours later!

    At this point I charged it again, but instead of turning it off, for the plane ride, I put it in airplane mode. When we hit the U.S. about 8 hours later it still had 96% charge.

    Anyone see this odd behavior when switching the phone off? Next time, I'll try removing the battery, but I hate cycling the back off and on the phone.
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    The same thing happened with mine. It was really annoying because I lost 20% when I was trying to save that 20%. No idea what caused it.

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