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    My wife and I are going to Ireland in October. I currently have a AT&T Pre Plus but may be on Sprint by the time we go.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to use the Pre or a Sprint while in Ireland? I was thinking about buying a SIM card while there to prevent from having outrageous bills due to roaming charges.

    If anyone's had experience with either, I'd appreciate your feedback.

    Keith Sheehan
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    You should be able to make something work with the ATT Pre but it's going to be no dice with the Sprint unit (incompatible technology).
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    I used O2 sim with my unlocked Centro last summer in ireland, no issues, so I assume you won't have any on the Pre, though you may need to unlock it before you go. call at&t, they are supposed to do this for you now.
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    Just to echo the previous posters, Ireland is all GSM so the AT&T Pre is fine but a Sprint one will be little more than a paper-weight. You won't get 3G as the frequencies are a bit different.

    Pay-As-You-Go SIMs are widely available, often for free or close to free, e.g. SIM is free as long as you put 10 euros on it, etc. so if you can get your Pre unlocked and you are going to be making lots of calls in Ireland, it's the way to go.

    You won't have any trouble finding mobile phone stores either. They're everywhere in the big and not so big cities.

    There are plenty of cafes, bars, etc. that have free wifi too.


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