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    I just got my first Palm device - a Pre Plus on Verizon. So far, I love WebOS. For the first four days the Pre was syncing perfectly with my work Exchange server (set to download as email arrives). In fact, I would often get my emails on the Pre before getting them in Outlook on my actual laptop (over a secure VPN connection). So, no complaints there.

    Today I realized that the Pre wasn't getting new emails. I had four emails in my Outlook inbox that weren't on my Pre. I manually kicked-off a sync on the Pre. The sync symbol turned for about 3-5 seconds and stopped. It was very quick -- yet the four new emails were not downloaded to the Pre. I tried again several times getting the same result.

    I dediced to wait about 10 minutes to see if the issue would resolve itself only to get more emails in my Excahnge inbox that would not download to the Pre. I decided to turn-off the Pre and restart it. Upon rebooting the Pre downloaded the missing email -- BUT the same issue occurred within 30 minutes (new emails not downloading).

    So, I'm getting no sync error messages (not sure if I would on WebOS). If I were on the road, I'd have no clue I was missing emails or that there was a problem syncing. I finally did the old school battery removal solution. That seems to be helping so far, but it's only been 20 minutes.

    Has anyone else seen this before? Not sure if this matters, but my Pre downloaded WebOS last night. Also, my coverage seems spotty...switching from 3G to 1X frequently. Possibly that is my problem.
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    What do you mean your Pre downloaded last night? Didn't you have that before?

    I'm running 2 Exchange accounts on my Pre and the only time I've ever had issues with them it was due to problems on the server side. You could always try and delete those accounts from your phone, luna restart, and then add them again to see if that corrects the issue.
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    might be an issue on the server side.

    also, delete the exchange accoi.t and add it again.

    delete it in contacts, calendar, and photos. Then add it back to the phone...
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    Wow, I am having very similar trouble and just spent an hour on hold with Palm. I have a period of time between 12 a.m. ish and 8 a.m.ish when I do not get any of my exchange e-mails. They never show up at all. My MSN account is just fine and I get e-mails 24/7. Palm says IT issue with my work, and IT says Palm phone issue. I have tried deleteing and re-installing e-mail on phone. Didn't help. What is "luna restart"?
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    I have two exchange accounts on my Pre also. One of them (1and1) works perfectly and I never have any problems with getting e-mails. The other one is my work exchange server and I have problems getting e-mails several times a month. Sometimes I have to remove and reinstall the account to get it to work again.

    Given that one exchange account works and one doesn't, I assume the problem is not with the Pre, but is with the server. I can't get the server administrators to do anything about it. Sounds like you have the same problem.
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    Luna restart is restarting just the user interface versus restarting the phone. It is kind of like logging out of windows and re-logging in versus rebooting the computer.

    You can do a luna restart by installing an app called Luna Manager or through the menu of Preware.

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