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    Hey guys,

    I've had my Sprint Pre(-) since launch and never had an issue like this until this morning. I went to check my Twitter feed with Tweed and my touchscreen started freaking out. The up-gesture to go back to the card view would minimize the app but then it would automatically zoom back to app view. If I used the center button, it would stay in card view but when I attempted to gesture left/right, it would start to slide then quickly zoom back to app view.

    I rebooted and it's working fine now, but it has me wondering is this the beginning sign of something going screwy with my Pre?
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    I had it happen to me about a month and a half ago. One restart, and no issues since. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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    great thanks for the reply
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    Eh, stuff can get on the screen and mess things up, etc.

    I normally press the powerbuttn and wipe the screen off then turn it back on. Good as new.
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    My screen did something similar yesterday. I've had my Pre since Sprint launch and it was a first. It was recognizing a finger tap on the screen when I wasn't touching it. Reboot cleared up the problem.
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    That happened once to me a few months ago. After a restart, hasn't happened since.

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