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    If anyone knows how to get the mobile internet hotspot on my Sprint Palm Pre I would really appreciate it. It comes standard on the Verizon Palm Pre Plus, but I've heard that it can be added as an app on my Sprint Palm Pre. Any input would help. Thanks.
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    Welcome to Precentral! Search is your friend.

    A quick search finds this thread (link) which explains exactly how to do it.

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    I will check it out. Thanks for the quick response. I'm new to this website. Trying to learn.
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    You're welcome.

    Even though the thread talks about using it on, don't worry. It also works on 1.4.5.
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    Where do you save the free thether and mobile hotspot?
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    You install them through quickinsstall
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    Sorry for my ignorance. Where exactly is that?
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    Like cshrader said
    Search is your friend.
    there's a search button in the top bar for a reason
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    Here is the link to WebOS Quick Install:

    It is a program you install on your PC and use it to install applications and patches to your Pre. After you install the Mobile Hotspot files, be sure to install a program called Preware. With Preware you can install lots of applications and patches.
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    Make sure you followed the instructions for putting your phone in developer mode (type upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart) before you use Quick Install.

    Once you install WebOS Quick Install, use the green plus sign to install the files. Then click on the blue down arrow and change to the feed titled "WebOS Internals Feed (Pre)" to install Preware.
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    I'm working on it now. I will let you know if I need anymorehelp. Thanks again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cshrader View Post
    Welcome to Precentral! Search is your friend.

    A quick search finds this thread ([url] which explains exactly how to do it.
    hey,never bothered with the mobile hotspot,but seeing I was reading this,i decided download it. From my pre,with the links you provided,i had it up and running in 1 min. Thanks bud.
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    You're welcome. The Mobile Hotspot is a great app. It is well worth installing. I've used it several times to allow friends to connect to the internet. It does drain the battery fast though.
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    If you cant find the ipk's send me a quick pm and i'll email them to you
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    Yep. Doctors I know often discount Palm now. However, the real multi-tasking while you talk, and Mobile Hotspot makes the Pre a serious contender when I casually mention that my Pre can be a wireless internet hotspot for laptops or other smart phones!
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    Ok. I got everything downloaded. It shows that the app is open and turned on on my phone, but it doesn't show as a possible connection for my laptop. Any suggestions?
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    Sorry to ask what may be an obvious question, but does the slider on the top right say on? Some people are confused by the slider and think that if is says off that you have to touch it to turn it off, but the slider actually tells you the current status. So it should say on.
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    Haha. Yeah it says on. The icon is showing in the bottom right hand corner as well.
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    When you turn it on it will say turning on mobile hotspot and the wireless on the Pre should turn off.

    BTW, after you have had it on for a few minutes it will give you a warning that your carrier doesn't allow wireless tethering. Just hit OK and keep using it.
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    Then I don't know why your laptop can't see it. The SSID is whatever name is listed under the network info box.
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