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    one of the volume buttons on my pre stopped working, and now i can only lower the volume. as a result, the volume of my music, gps, and other similar sounds is turned all the way off and i dont know how to change that. is there an existing way to change that particular volume setting without using the buttons, or no? i've been using the sounds & ringtones app to change the volume for everything else, but my music and gps have remained unaffected. if there isnt an existing way to change the volume in software, do any of the developers on here know if it's possible to create something like this? i signed up with the palm developer portal and i'm trying to work on this with ares, but i just want to make sure i'm not wasting my time. the main thing is that i dont wanna go through the hassle of bringing my phone back to sprint.
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    There is a patch in preware called Media Volume in Device Menu. it will add a volume slider to the top right swipe down.

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