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    Good Morning:

    Can someone help me please,

    I dropped my Palm Pre last night and broke the screen have been up most of the night looking to have it replaced.

    Can somone please advise.

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    I'm assuming you don't have the extended warranty to cover this. Here's a link to one thread with info in it but if you do a search there are several threads with links for replacement screens.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yeah, this is almost a daily occurrence with the Pre...everyday I check the forums on this site there's always someone with either a broken or a cracked screen. It may not be happening to everyone but it seems to be something to expect as part of owning a Pre.
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    Yeah, common problem with people dropping phones, laptops and so on. When you back your car into a pole and dent the fender do you go back and complain to the dealer that it is a defective car?
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    Sorry to hear that. I advise you to look on ebay or craigslist and buy a new or used one, if you don't have insurance.

    Oh, and welcome to PreCentral.
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