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    Yesterday, my internet connection stopped working and I thought that it would be a good idea to do a ##data# and after that it never worked again. I've tried to update the data profile and I keep getting an error 1012. I've rebooted probably about 20 times (no lie) and I've kept hitting the update network settings to no avail. I called sprint tech support and they gave me a new nai and the ##data# doesn't actually change anything now. Another tech told me that it might be an outage in my area cuz of the storm. I'm on vacation in orlando now, hopefully when i get back to va tomorrow, it will work... Unless anyone else has any ideas I should try. I also tried the repair utility and all of the data services are turned on. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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    So are you getting Phone offline, or what?
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    no phone offline, I can still make and receive calls and texts. Just no data
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    Take the battery out, replace it back then update data profile, and also PRL.
    That should fix it.
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    yeah, that didn't work either. Still the same thing. I've been working on it since 5 yesterday....
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    My did the same thing (559 area) don't know if that where your at. But my is back on today.Just cant get usb to work (
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    Ok so I'm back in VA and its still not working. Trip to the sprint store tomorrow....

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