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    Ok, this is the only main issue I am still having with my new Pre. The web browser will not let me view pics larger than 100k or so, so no problem. But when I use downloading apps like Frizzle or Download manager, they do save to the device, but only show-up on my PC when I plug it in, no pics show up under photos. Is there something that can help this? My old 700P did not have any problems viewing any pics at all!
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    There's a patch for that: Raise Image Resolution Limit
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    I'm having a simular problem. When I copy photos from the web, it says it downloaded to photos. But nothing shows up in my photo albums. I even checked in intenalz. I also tried the "raise image resolution limit" patch. Still not working.
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    Mine show up under Miscellaneous in the Photo app and are saved in /media/internal
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