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    Quote Originally Posted by ChanceNC View Post
    Trollers never win.

    I'm thinking they blew off the virtual shelves when Verizon dropped the price another $20 yesterday, to $29.99. Figures...I paid $49.99 just three days ago. Happens every time! But if I'd waited, I might not have gotten one.
    If you call Verizon or go by a store they will refund the difference to your account for a price drop within 30 days.

    Sold out in Tampa too.
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    I guess this ain't a good time to break my current Pre Plus.

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    my fellow vzw palm owners,

    lets not kid ourselves. Vzw doesn't care about palm right now.

    the next hpalm device will be on sprint and probably att, before vzw carries it.

    sad indeed.
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    +1 that they're clearing stock. VZW is a business and to stay in business they must stay ahead of or try to keep up with their competition by stocking, promoting and selling NEW and HOT technology. It's great that this means more WebOS in the hands of consumers and we must look forward to HP's NEW and HOT Palm products.
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    If you managed to find a pre on verizon for sale, is it a good idea to buy it? Someones gotta be buying these
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nardes View Post
    Yup yup! Call verizon or go to the store. I got mine for $50 in April and exactly 30 days later it dropped to $20! Went to the corporate kiosk in the mall and got $30 credited back to my bill. Make sure it shows up on your myverizon account immediately though. When I had originally got my envtouch they said they price adjusted but it never showed up on our bill. So just make sure it went through!
    Went by the store and they blocked me on the $20. They still have the Pre Plus on display for $49.99. I'll just call Verizon tomorrow or Monday and see what they can do. If they don't do anything, I won't get too misty...still a wonderful deal at $50 isn't it?
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    Say Verizon is really discontinuing the Pre+ and Pixi+ what does that mean about updates. If Verizon no longer sells it would that allow HP/Palm to release updates directly to us or we just ****ed?
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    at&t has been out of stock of pre pluses for the past month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    my fellow vzw palm owners,

    lets not kid ourselves. Vzw doesn't care about palm right now.

    the next hpalm device will be on sprint and probably att, before vzw carries it.

    sad indeed.
    Verizon does not earn the chance to sell the next WebOS device. They used the Pre and pixi+ as leverage to sell their Droid phones. Continually telling potential buyers of all the negatives about the phone and adding in a couple lies along the way. Consultants know they get more commission on selling Droid devices so the Pre and Pixi were just leveraging tools to move more Droids.

    I don't believe Verizon Sales Consultants ever gave WebOS a chance and because of this Palm took a pounding! It's one thing to inform your customers about the advantages and disadvantages of the lineup of phones you sell. But I speak the truth, walk into a VZW store and you will hear nothing but negative and dishonest information about the Palm and Pixi Plus.

    Verizon will never care about Palm "ever". they have made their decision and Droid is the Flag Ship that will be pushed. Sprint needs this next release the most!
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    You can't blame the sales reps for pushing the more reliable phones that also made more money. It's their job to make money.
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    Verizon and HP have a strong relationship so I think Palm will be sticking around on Verizon for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if the PalmPad launches with a version that has Verizon Wireless 3G/4G service.
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    And we think Sprint isn't focused on Android too?

    Lets see; Froyo 2.2 comes out, WebOS 1.4.5 is out a week in a half later.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by wyckedankh View Post
    Sold out in Knoxville as well... Maybe it's because of the cheap price and the free mobile hotspot... or one can hope. It would be nice to see new hardware for WebOS but I feel like VZW doesn't care about WebOS or the hardware, only their precious Droids...

    I agree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    You can't blame the sales reps for pushing the more reliable phones that also made more money. It's their job to make money.
    Understandable. It's also a sales reps job to be honest with what the needs of their customers are. Trashing the Pre because it can't preform bar code scans dose not make the Droid a better phone (I was directly told this by a VZW sales rep).

    Point is VZW can do whatever they feel makes them more money. I just think it's in HP/Palms best interest to launch their next device on Sprint. Sprint has a long lasting relationship with Palm, Sales reps are trained properly on Sprints entire lineup of devices and Sales representatives do not earn commission for selling phones, only additions to new or existing accounts. This makes a more even playing field when it's time for a company to launch a new device.
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    ATT has them available but is not actively pushing them. They are also giving good rebates. My daughter just got the Pixi for $30. She was really upset when her centro stopped working and there was no palm replacement. She is much happier with the pixi. All the "hopes" of this and that in the future are just that. All the "doom" prognostications are just the opposite. In the meantime, I'll enjoy my multitasking, preware enhanced phone.
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    It would be in their best interest to release on all 4 major carriers ar once like Samsung to reach the most customers.

    Also the average customer cares more about phone hardware and could care less about the software as long as it has a lot of apps. And Android has Palm beat in both categories.
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    Man, same ole typical responses. The doom and gloomers have somehow jumped to the conclusion that V is discontinuing Palm products. Really? How about you enjoy your phone and see what happens with Palm and V in the coming months. I would hazard a guess that Verizon will carry the next Palm device as well as ATT & Sprint.
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    It's harder to enjoy your phone when you are still waiting for the lastest minor update and you keep having to get replacements.

    At least my current Pre+ is working though...
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    vzw pushed my wife to get the droid incredible after they told her the pre and pixi plus were "flops", they had a "large return rate", their "reception was horrible," and that they were "old."

    about the only thing they got right was the last point.

    so after waiting a month to get the incredible, she returned the phone after 7 days. It had a lot of apps and fine hardware, but it kept dropping calls, couldn't connect with her car bluetooth system, the lack of a physical keyboard drove her nuts. So when she went to return it, there were 5 people ahead of her on the customer service line, all of whom had some complaint or another, and guess what phones they had? The original droid, 2 droid incredibles ad 2 droid Xs.

    she picked up the droid 2 and is happy with it, except for it's weight. I really like the phone too, but it's no pre plus. The android interface is just like my previous windows mobile 6.1 phone with a program called spb mobile shell that widgetizes the whole interface, only with more modern hardware and easier and more useful apps than windows mobile.

    point is, webOs is really something amazing, it has a lot of potential, esp now with hp backing it up. It's high time that vzw understood this and supported webOS to some degree.

    the droids are good phones, but they are not problem free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    the droids are good phones, but they are not problem free.
    This is very true... I have 2 friends with droids, 1 has gone through 6 droids since march and the other has gone through 4 since october. Computers that are the size of phones are just prone to problems.

    "With great power comes lots of problems to fix"
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