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    Sorry, I'm in a little bit of a rush. I'm about to leave for a short vacation, and wanted to add a couple songs from my computer via USB. I just copied and pasted it from 'My Music' to my F drive, when an error popped up saying one of the songs was corrupted or couldn't be moved.

    In my F drive, there's a folder with what should've been the songs I was going to download, I opened the folder, blank. Whatevs, I click back, but for some reason, it went back to BLANK. Nothing. My whole F drive was wiped. A lot of songs and data, so I safely removed my phone and opened my music app, and its stuck on that loading symbol. But when I open System Settings, its still showing all the memory is still used. Weird. Whats up?
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    did you look in other folders? How did you download it?
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    sorry that was so rushed,anyways it was a cd I converted to mp3, as I've done with most of my cd's. After being extracted they're put in a folder on my hard drive, which I then copy/paste onto my F drive(pre).

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