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    After recently having to doctor my Pre and losing seven years worth of calendar entries, I'm curious to find out about your experience with the cloud backup in the Palm profile.

    Background info:
    (Can't post links yet, so this will have to do

    My contacts seem to have restored fine, a huge part of calendar data was missing. I'd like to gauge reliability of the service and find out if this was just a one off event.

    Has anyone else lost data in the restore process from the Palm profile?
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    It really depends on what profile you have set in your phone as the default. If the Palm Profile is not your default, it seems that it doesn't save any recent information.

    Of course, then again, none of them seem to save or update to everything on any regular basis, even when you try to make it sync manually.

    I doctored my phone and when I logged back in, my Palm Profile only had 2 contacts, I had to reload my google account to get the others back.

    However, recently, I tried manually backing up my info in both of them, by clicking the sync, rather than waiting for it to automatically back-up and neither one worked right. The Palm Profile still only shows 2 contacts and my Google never added the most recent contact entry.
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    I use Google services for my contacts, calendar, etc.

    I have doctored several times, without losing data.

    Just a question, why are you logging 7 yrs worth of calendar data? is it for a business? I guess it builds up over time. I am not sure how far back Google stores your calendar data... have been using them for a couple years now, never really looked back. Only towards the future...

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    I guess seven years seems a bit much.
    I have migrated all calendar data starting with my first PDA, a Handspring Visor Deluxe. Then Treo 270, Treo 650 and Treo 680. I keep personal stuff and in the later years mostly work related stuff in the calendar.
    The personal stuff has automatically built up into a nice little rudimentary diary and on the treos, where you could actually search the calendar, it was fun to check back when this or that event took place ("When did that happen again?"). Agenda works nice for the same purpose, hopefully Palm will do a an upgrade of the calendar app, to make it more functional in the future.
    The work related stuff is mostly lab test times for samples we do, which have to sit in a climate chamber at a specific temp for a specific duration then at room temp for some more time after which certain measurements must be performed on them. Since many of these samples from different commissions can be in the chamber in any given day the Treo and Pre are a godsend for me to keep track of them all. Using the calendar a record of the samples is automatically kept and my sample alarms are with me all the time, no matter where I am in the building. It is convenient to be able to search for a specific sample's retrieval time from the past no matter where I am, should the need come up.
    Since I never had trouble keeping these on device, I didn't feel the need to get rid of them (I still don't ).

    Just checked in the DTA log from March:
    total appointment records: 2653
    The calendar and the profile backup should be able to handle that without problems, shouldn't they?

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