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    spent most of yesterday playing with the Pre Plus that came from "HP Wireless Store." it didn't come with a Touchstone, though it did come with a $50 gift coupon for the HP Store -- coincidentally, the price for a Touchstone was 49.99 (ended up paying 4 something bucks for shipping).

    how can I tell whether I need to get the replacement back for the Pre -- or do they all work now? the back that came with it is dull black with "palm" in silver letters.
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    it will have a flat black matt finish intead of the glossy black finish
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    the touchstone back is a matte black, the standard back is a shiny back.

    Also if you take the back off you can see the touchstone parts inside.

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    if it is a Plus, it comes with the TS back.

    ps, you can get the TS for $10 and vzw onlinw, radio shack, etc. No need to spend $50.
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    FYI, just ordered a tuchstone charger, and it came with an extra wall charger for 23.00 via amazon free shipping!
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    make sure you get genuine palm stuff. The knock offs are terrible...
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    it looks genuine... if not, will geve hella bad feedback!
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    get lots if touchstones. Pit them everywhere.

    if it says palm, they are genuine

    vzw has touchstone/vzw car adapter with a second port/belt holster for 15 and free shipping. Put them all over. Perfect car mount to keep close by while charging...
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    I have touchstones at home, cars and office! My Pre Plus lives from touchstone to touchstone.
    I do this, not because of battery life, they are just a convenient place to keep the phone.
    I also use the keep on patch so the phone does not sleep when on the touchstone.
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    look on the inside of the back cover if its touchstone compatible it will have three golden rectangles
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    Quote Originally Posted by manordwall View Post
    look on the inside of the back cover if its touchstone compatible it will have three golden rectangles
    2 gold plated contacts, not 3. Just an FYI.
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    Just picked up 3 TS from my local RS for $4.99. I was shocked, as was the cashier.
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    only if you have a sprint Pre or Pixi. The 'Plus' models i
    already include the back that works with the touchstone.

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