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    hello, my Palm Pixi+ broke and in the process I had to get me a Pre+. I was able to log into my current profile (the one I had on the Pixi+) on my new Pre+, but a msg popped up letting me know that I was already logged into this profile, but it allowed me to log in and restore all of my info.

    my question is when I get the Pixi+ repaired, will I be able to log into the same profile and swap my SIM from one phone to the other and still use the same profile? I'm aware that paid applications don't transfer, such as Missyng Sync, Pocketmirror & Classic), but will everything else remain the same?

    thank you.
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    Every time you switch, it will wipe the phone that you aren't using and you'll have to reinstall everything. It will not let you stay logged in on more than one device at a time. That means that under their current policy, your Pixi has been logged out and wiped, if you go back to it, your Pre will be logged out and wiped.

    Most of us are theorizing that they will have to change this in the near future, because of the planned release of a WebOS tablet. No one is going to want to have to make a completely different profile and buy applications and stuff separately, between their WebOS phone and their tablet. They'll have to provide the ability to use the same profile on multiple device or they're going to end up with a lot of angry customers.
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    thank you for your response, so detailed. I didn't even know that Palm had adopted this policy, b/f been bought off by HP. On my current iPhone 3GS I'm able to log into the same profile and for instance I can buy apps on my stepson's iTouch with my profile while still having it logged into the iPhone.

    Yes, HP definitely has to change this login policy, I didn't even know my Pixi+ has been wiped clean, everything will be gone since is broken I can't see the display but that's good to know that when I take it to the service repair center nothing will be on it and that all my apps have been transferred to my current Pre+, but what if I want to buy a WebOS HP tablet in the future, I don't want the info on my current Pre+ getting wiped.

    thank you again verwon.
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    You're very welcome! It's a question I've seen on the forum several times and a problem that most people don't like. It would definitely irritate me, if I owned more than one WebOS device.

    Yes, I know how the iPhone works, you can keep everything, on each device and just sync it all up. Buy an App on one and you can then get it on your iPad or vice versa.

    Silly, really, that Palm didn't do this. Many people may have a Pre for personal use and another for work, or a Pixi. A parent may want to buy a game to try it first, then put it on their kid's phone and etc.
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    Correct verwon that is something that Palm actually really missed. I wonder how Palm missed this, been the inovators of good old Palm OS, an OS based around PIM management and making sure all of your info was sync from one device to another, I remember having Centros, Treos and other Palm OS devices and always kept my same sync profile name and they would all install over multiple devices.

    Well my Pixi+ is dead for now and I have to wait until after August 26th, to take it to an at&t repair service center, so I guess I'll be on my pre+ and iPhone 3gs for now. (no pixi+ for now - sad)
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    Well, unfortunately, it's not the only thing they missed. They have a great thing in WebOS, but somehow they seemed to have not thought of some of the typical things you'd expect from such an advanced system in a smartphone.

    I really hope they've learned some stuff or HP helps them!
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