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    Hey guys I've been looking through the forum and I can't find any related threads.

    I recently updated to 1.4.5 and everything went fine. Then I got a bit curious about overclocking and installed preware using WOSQI. I then installed Govner with no issues. I then tried to install uberkernel when I got an IPKG error about invalid verification. I went to my programs and saw that even though it failed, there was an icon for Uberkernel.

    Thinking maybe I needed to restart, I did and after the restart, the icon for Uberkernel was gone. Np I thought, maybe it wasnt for me. (I have overclocked before using the webos141_800MhzKernel.ipk and was successful at that)

    The real issue now is that for some reason, when I plug in using a USB cable to my computer, the Pre no longer asks me if I want to charge or use USB mode. It just charges. I can't get data off for a restore if I can use USB mode so I am kind of stuck. Anyone have any ideas?
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    orange(gray) + sym + u should get you to the USB mode.
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    Well I guess it wasn't a big deal after all. I noticed my computer was running very slow. I went into task manager and noticed that novacom was using 60% of my cpu! I killed it and reconnected and it works fine.
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    Has anyone had their PP+ screen BLACK out when using the USB port? I had to nuclear reboot my AT&T PP+ because of this and have found no info on it.
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    with that old overclock patch still leaving remnants on your pre, you will need to install the regular palm kernel first from preware, then try the uberkernel. If that doesn't work a doctor will solve your problems.

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