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    Ok i just bougt a pre off ebay and when i recived it it has a stupid soccer theme. I tried doing a full erase but the theme is still there!!!!! I installed preware and webos quick install and they both do not show the theme as there either!!!!!!! I Can even install a theme from preware and when i unnstall it the soccer theme is still there!! Please help
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    download and run webos doctor. that will wipe everything back to factory. = no soccer theme
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    Hi nexjeter2,

    Have you tried running the Doctor? This should take care of the issue by resetting your device back to factory.
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    I have to agree, sounds like a doctor is your only option. The great thing is, it will give you a completely fresh start on your Pre. Any traces of stuff the prior owner may have left on there will be completely removed, so the tweaking and customizing is all yours!
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