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    So I was sat watching TV and my Pre just totally shut itself down. Strange! So I powered it back up and tried opening some apps. Nothing! Couldn't get onto Tweet Me, Facebook etc.. Weird! Then I tried opening my Gmail account. An error pops up saying "your SSL certificate has expired" ?!?!

    So I tried removing the account and re-adding, didn't work. So then I turn my pre off & on again a few times, remove the battery etc... Still the same problems.

    I start browsing the net to try & solve the problem and then for some reason I wondered about the time being out? So I opened up clock sync app, and my Pre was somehow 364 days out of sync ?!?!?!?!?!? How weird!! So I sync it up and everything works ok!!

    Anyone else had this weird problem!!

    I'm on O2 UK by the way.
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    When Palm's Attack!
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    Quote Originally Posted by canderoc View Post
    When Palm's Attack!
    ROFL! No more watching Pan's Lab for you!

    No, I have never heard of such a thing, OP, but there were some posts on here in the past where people where having a clock issue, it wouldn't keep the correct time, but it was never a year off.
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    I've never experienced this issue,and from the sound of it nor would i want to.
    glad to hear you sorted it out.
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    Exact same thing happened to me to today but my clock is still synced but still have issues with email...
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    Weird indeed! But than again, it must be a Britt thing

    I have friends over there and they tell me some crazy stories

    Anyway, I hope your handset is doing better.
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    wow,that is crazy.
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    Never happened to me before, nor would I want it to. That is very Ripley's weird. Good to read you got your beauty back in order after a clock sync
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    That's why worse then it randomly opening up the pictures folder like mine does.
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    I had to login to my email account through OWA on the web browser and re-add the ssl certificate. Once I did that, I was able to resync.
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    well, it's been a week or so since this happened, and touch wood my pre has been fine since! Very strange though!

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