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    I will be receiving my replacement Pre soon. When I Replaced the last one, there were not all the options for saving data, like there is now. The homebrew developers are awesome! kinda hard for me to keep track of all the things they are coming up with. I have save and restore and, have read the wiki. I just don't think I understand how to use it? Is there a checklist of data saving processes, that you guys who, switch or dr alot use, to make it an easy transition?
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    Wouldn't your information stored in the cloud load on the new device?
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    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I copied this from Adam Marks' post on the subject:

    Save/Restore for Palm Pre:

    1. Open Preware, scroll to the bottom and select "Saved Package List" and click "Update"
    2. Open Save/Restore, select "Save Application Data" and click "Save Selected"
    3. Connect your phone to a computer, connect as a USB drive, and make a copy of the "saverestore" directory to your computer. Also, make a copy of any data that you want to back up from the USB drive since that data is also not stored in your Palm backup
    4. After a doctor/phone swap, sign back into your Palm Profile, let all your App Catalog Apps reinstall, and then install Preware back on your phone. Then, using Preware, install Save/Restore back on to your phone, too.
    5. Connect your phone to a computer, connect as a USB drive, and move your old copy of the "saverestore" directory back onto the phone, along with any other data you backed up in #3 above.
    6. Open Save/Restore, select "Restore Application data", select only Preware and click “Restore Selected”
    7. Open Preware, choose "Saved Package List" and click "Install All"
    8. For each app that you plan on restoring data to, open and close each app in order to initialize the cookies and databases for that app
    9. Open Save/Restore, choose "Restore Application data", click "Select All" or choose the apps you want to restore, and then click "Restore Selected"
    10. Immediately perform a Luna Restart

    At this point, all your apps, patches and data should be back on your phone. If you run into an issues, please visit the Save/Restore thread and post your issues and the good folks at Webos Internals or other forums members will try to help you out.
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    Yea, I did the steps above when my new phone arrived. I must have missed something, somewhere. None of my patches came back, and all my preware apps did not come back. I have just finished reinstalling them. This phone would be half as cool without homebrew! Bummer thing is, on a few of my calls the other end tells me I sound funny. Something is distorting my voice a little?

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