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    well i was eligible for an upgrade from my original pre that i got on launch day and i figured it didnt look like any new webOs was coming out anytime soon so i called sprint and they gave me a heck of a deal on a new pre for $50 no rebates or anything so i took it and i planned on giving the old one to my son but my miserable EX wife went & got him something else not sure what tho .. but heck i'll just keep the old one for a back up it was recently replaced under warranty just before i got the new one ... anyway some might think i'm foolish but i love my Pre and if something does come out i dont mind waiting till eligible for another upgrade .. Precentral Rocks
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    I don't think you are crazy, my wife and I love our VZ Pre Plus phones. I would do the same thing. I don't care for the Iphone or the Androids myself.
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    The Pre is a great phone. I can't fault you at all for sticking with it. Especially for 50 bucks. Funny thing is, most people used to keep their phones for 2 years and then upgrade. The way I see it, you actually made out better this way. You keep a phone you love, and you don't have to worry about it getting too old.
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    I could live with my Pre for another year! It would kinda suck if HP/Palm were keeping there new WebOS device secret.
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    Good Move!
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    Dont get me wrong i'd much rather have upgraded to a plus atleast but i doubt sprint's getting them anytime soon

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