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    first off, long time reader, first time poster, cliché, I know. Well, with all good things bad usuall come in tandem, found out yesterday i'm having a little girl, which i'm psyched for, but to my dismay this morning I find my beloved sprint prprpr&#$275$;'$s$ $earpiece$, $headphone$ $jack$, $and$ $speaker$ $went$ $out$ $all$ $at$ $the$ $same$ $time$, $I$ $mean$ $I$ $love$ $this$ $phone$, $I$ $love$ $webOS$, $homebrew$ $community$ $is$ $awesome$ ! $Go$ $figure$ $just$ $over$ $a$ $year$ $my$ $pr$&#$275$; $succumbs$ $to$ $h$/$w$ $issues$, $I$ $guess$ $i$'$m$ $being$ $told$ $something$, $considering$ $I$ $have$ $a$ $little$ $one$ $comin$' $lol$
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    Some users have had luck with hardware replacement even after warranty expiration (soon after). Return to place of purchase or call Palm repair....YMMV.

    Congrats on the Girl!
    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    Welcome down from the rafters!

    Congrats on the news of a new little girl!

    Just in case... try following this thread (if you haven't already) and see if it helps you with your device.
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    yeah, i've already done the trouble shooting, the interactive tests, and read the posts, so i'll see what can be done through either palm or sprint, if anything I have ins. so if anything it may be time to pull out the old treo pro or 800w, and bumbling wm. Thanks for the congratulations, it's greatly appreciated

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