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    So there's a backup app for this phone, but how can I make it sync my contacts to a new pre?
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    Hi lemonbottle, and Welcome to the P|C forums!

    What you do is be sure to back-up your old device to the Palm Profile. Launcher/Backup
    Then on the new device, when you sign into your profile, all of your data is restored that was backed up from your old device.

    If you are running Preware, be sure to run the Save/Restore app also to back up your application settings.

    Good Luck!
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    Much thanks, can I log into my preware account at any time?
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    You're logged into your Palm account at all times. The only time you have to log in again is if you doctor your phone or get a new one.

    Preware is an app installer program, you don't log into it. Install with WebOSqi, then you have access to beta apps, homebrew apps, themes, stuff like that. Just be aware that Palm doesn't officially support anything outside of the App Catalog.

    There's the wiki for Preware.

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