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    I updated to 1.4.5 the evening of the 10th with no problems. This morning, my (Sprint) Pre started vibrating but there was no call coming in. After a couple of vibrates, it reset. When I checked it about 30 minutes later, it had successfully rebooted.

    Then I opened the App Catalog and it asked me to agree to the terms. I opened Preware and it welcomed me to Preware. I opened Calendar and it gave me a list of my linked accounts. Basically, it seemed as though my Pre thought it was the first time I had opened each of those items. No data is missing, settings are intact, and it remembered all of my accounts; everything is fine so I'm not concerned.

    Well, should I be concerned? I've had this Pre for over a year with no problems whatsoever. I'm curious if others have had this occur.
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    Meh... I wouldn't be too concerned. I've gotten the list of accounts when opening up mail or the calendar at different times with Check and see if you had any alarms or notifications set on your phone where there may have been a glitch that caused the alarm to go wonky. Don't worry about it... if it was just a hiccup - no prob. If it happens again and you are nervous - just run the Doctor. Now that the new version of the Doctor is out, you could also run the Repair Utility just to see if there is a file that didn't install correctly or was corrupted.

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