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    my pre is ruined i updated last night i uninstalled thunderchief and wanted a kernel so i installed uberkernel than it asked for a reset and i hit ok my screen is doing a looped booting where it just shows the palm logo flickers and restarts and keeps showing the palm white logo i downloaded the doctor and it said it cant repair my phone
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    pull the battery, put it back in, plug pre into wall outlet, turn it on and see if it will bootup
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    Try recovery mode. Remove the battery, hold the volume up button, connect to your pc (still holding the volume up), insert battery, then run webos doctor again.
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    how do u put in recovery mode
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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerNamedfTony07 View Post
    how do u put in recovery mode
    The post above yours. You are probably trying it now. This should get you back in the game.
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    Just do a webosdoctor and start clean
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    Yup, you have to put that bad boy in recovery mode and doctor it...Next time before you switch kernels that way. Make sure to install the Palm recovery Kernel and restart, then install the kernel you want.
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    If you have not doctored the phone yet, i suggest plugging it into the wall and trying to boot it first. This has worked for me everytime a kernel install resulted in restart cycle. it forces the phone to boot at the default clock speed. usb charge isn't sufficient. ymmv.
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    all working thank u all

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