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    hi. here's my story. i installed advanced options for launcher form preware, but after that launcher stoped working (no icons). i tunrned on webosdoctor, restore my pre. i have to say, that i have simlock for o2 UK (i was about to use nextgenserver to get rid of it but launcher problem made it complicated). now what's happening - even when i put into pre o2 card (not active but still o2, right?) it just stuck on setting language. any language. i have no idea wht to do next. i downloaded other version of doctor (for o2 UK/German), but it didnt work also. please, help me find some solution, cause i want to use palm as main phone. greetings
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    c'mon, anyone?
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    Shot in the dark here... but instead of just doctoring your phone, you may consider performing an 'erase' also. Back up anything on your USB partition and completely wipe the phone. Run the Doctor after that and see if it gets you further.
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    for now, i cant even open usb partition, cause im stuck on watching rolling circle after choosing english uk for example.
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    what you think about using rebelsim card? or maybe metadoctor will help? i have no idea what may cause the problem. at palm livechat i spoke to someone (they aren't celever enough to help me), and he said it propably phone defect (hardwere issue). have anyone got problem like mine?

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