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    For some reason mine works and than it doesn't
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    I know this may not be the right thread (okay it's not but it is)..... My FB Beta App just started acting up, last time I can confirm I used it was just before 4 pm PST, around 7pm PST I attempted to load app and I am getting the same error we were getting before.

    HardBeatz I think you were on that thread, it is the communication error (pretty sure it is the same one)..... I will look again in a minute and post exactly what it says.

    Error Message: "An unknown error occured"

    Posted this here because IIRC the last thread where this happened in the app was a FB change, and since HardBeatz mentioned that on the first page, figure it might all be related.

    Also I did a luna restart on my phone, didn't fix the issue, wife just got home, her FB app works, but she hasn't used it all day..... don't have time to do any trouble shooting tonight, but figured I'd throw it out in case it is related to an FB change again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chichi View Post
    Yea, I bookmarked Login | Facebook

    it posted the link but its w w w. f a c e b o o k. c o m/ h o m e. p h p no spaces of course..
    If you want to go directly to the real-time news feed (instead of that pointless random highlights one), the bookmark is:

    http : // www . facebook . com / home . php?sk=lf

    (Without the spaces, of course!)

    And hopefully Facebook or Palm will fix this problem VERY, VERY, VERY soon!!!!!!! The site is only useful for reading the current news feed right now. And the Palm Facebook app lacks many features and has errors (such as when trying to see from your notifications a comment somebody posted on a photo album or photo) and the latest statuses/news items don't always show up, so the app is not even a full temporary solution until the Web site gets fixed. Now I have to read the news feed in the Web browser, check the notifications in the app, and if any notifications are for photos then I have to go on my computer to see them.
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    I've been having this problem since last week. Don't know what's going on.
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    this is so f'ing annoying, I'm a moderator of a large group on fb and I can't see anything on a group page, the stupid app doesn't let you see there any other app to see them?
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    I'm also having issues anytime I click on a link in an email from facebook.. Where it says "click here to see comments".. I click and get "page not found"
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    Don't know if anyone cares, but its working now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Lingo View Post
    Don't know if anyone cares, but its working now
    I was just coming on here to mention this. Also I might add that the way notifications are made known on the main screen of the page is different. Nothing earth shattering...just different. If I was on computer I would post screenshot. It just gives you the option to see "all" notifications at top (without a current alert) without scrolling to bottom). I use the fb app, full site, and m.fb site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Lingo View Post
    Don't know if anyone cares, but its working now
    I definitely care! Thanks!!!!

    Funny, I thought I had tried it in the past five days and it didn't work, but I guess they fixed it since the last time I tried it. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!

    Now if I could only get a couple of ppl on my Friends list to stop using that stupid new iPhone Facebook App feature of telling everybody where they are....
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