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    I believe my phone has been turned into a brick. It failed.

    Last night might have been a recipe for disaster. I wanted to download three movies for my ATT Pre Plus via Torrents. Here is what I did:

    1. Before bedtime, I placed my Pre Plus on the Touchstone dock.
    2. I left the Wi-Fi tethering "on". I was using the mobile internet to download three movies via mobile internet thru wifi tethering to my computer. (By the way, the three movies did complete)
    3. By mistake, I left it on
    last night with overclock option "on" by mistake.

    It may have not been the best method. Phone is dead. I feel warmth when it tries to charge but doesn't turn on at all.

    Do you think my Pre is dead? I awoke and found that it was a brick.
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    Possibly. But there are a million things you can try before giving up on it. Do a search around here for "bricked Pre" or better yet: How To Recover - WebOS Internals
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    May be unrecoverable. My usb slot doesn't even recognize a device is there.
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    It sounds like it may have overheated. I know you said that it won't power on, but did you try putting it in recovery mode? Push the up volume button while pressing the power button, or while inserting the USB cable that is connected to your computer.
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    It is very possible that your pre got fried. I have heard of one other time where a pre got bricked from heat damage, and I think it was due to downloading too many apps after an update. The case in point was checked by a technician to determine what had happened and the cpu did indeed get burnt up. This may not be what happened to you, but it is a real possibility.
    If you have a different battery you might want to try that. charging on a touchstone while tethering produces a lot of heat and your problem may just be the battery. Does it do anything if you plug it in without the battery?
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    I agree. I think it got fried. all those made sense. I wasn't thinking. Oh, did I mention I overclocked my pre to 800mhz? probably didnt help.

    yah a slight funky burned smell in the back.
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    I had problems with my Pre last night - I was getting ready to set it up for 1.4.5, so I was transferring all of my USB data over to my computer in preparation for a Doctoring.

    I started out by connecting in Media mode - after about 30 minutes I noticed that nothing was happening, so I tried disconnect. At that point, my computer would not recognize the phone.

    I rebooted both the phone and the computer, and my computer downloaded something new - it said that I needed the Sprint Smartview USB modem files. I'm not sure if that helped or not, but my USB is working again.

    I would say that if you haven't gotten your phone up and running yet, pull the battery and plug it back in (or touchstone it). Best case scenario is that you just ran down the battery downloading so much. I hope that's all it is.
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    charging all day. pulled it out. put it back in. still bricked.
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    Sorry to hear that - hope you can get it resolved soon! Do you have insurance/is it still under warranty?
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    Looks like Ebay for me.
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    Possibly just killed your battery. If you have or can get a spare, try that first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GHT View Post
    Possibly just killed your battery. If you have or can get a spare, try that first.
    Hey, the battery was dead! It was so dead that even hours on the touchstone and even directly plugged did not charge it yesterday.

    This morning, I went to check on the phone. It had been unplugged. Pressed the button and it displays the low battery symbol. Incredible. Now its actually registering a charge and charging!

    Great.. now I have a new Pre on the way. Hmmm.

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