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    So I went on a rafting trip last Saturday. The ziplock bag wasn't so "Glad" and water seeped into the bag. At the end of the trip when I looked in the bag my phone was completely submerged. I'm not sure for how long but it could have been like that for up to an hour.

    Once I discovered it submerged I pulled the battery and aired it out as best I could. The next day I put it in another ziplock bag filled with rice and left it overnight. Monday around lunch I put the battery back in and it fired up. You could see water marks behind the screen which, as of today finally appear to have completely disbursed. Suprisingly everything appears to be in working order except that the battery drains at around 5x the speed it did prior to getting wet. Also the phone seems to run a bit hot.

    My best guess is there is still a little bit of water in there and it's warming and causing things to conduct electricity and power things they aren't supposed to. Perhaps after a few more days of it airing out it will return to normal. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? If it doesn't improve I may upgrade the phone since I got the Pre on launch day (Sprint) and am due for an upgrade.
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    Get a new battery
    If you want to buy a Palm Pre is great condition. Here's your chance.
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    I went kayaking a few days ago and my phone too got completly wet. Like yours, everything works ook but the battery. I was using my phone yesterday, it was at 44% when I started to mess with it and within 10 minutes it said my phone was going to shutdown soon and the battery was 0%.

    I'll be buying a new battery soon too.

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