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    Please post your feedback about the new webOS update into the appropriate threads in the Palm Pre Tips, Information, and Resources Forum:

    webOS 1.4.5 Discussion - all general discussion

    webOS 1.4.5 New Features & Changes - only post new features & changes found

    webOS 1.4.5 Patch Discussion - posts specifically about patches

    webOS 1.4.5 Issues - issues with webOS only. Post App problems in their threads.

    Continue to use the Anticipation Thread until your version of the new webOS is released.

    webOS Updates
    The developers tell us that you may not need to remove the new AUPT patches before the update but you still need to remove any themes and you MUST REMOVE ANY OVERCLOCK PATCHES.

    Remove all Patches and Themes
    Using WebOS Quick Install:
    1. Remove themes. Click ToolsThemer Revert to Default
    2. Remove all patches. Click ToolsTweaksRun EPRLuna Restart

    Using Preware:
    1. Remove themes. Tap Installed Packages Theme → Tap your theme → Remove → OK OK
    2. Remove all patches. Tap List of Everything then type "emergency" and
    tap Emergency Patch RecoveryInstall

    Please include your carrier, phone model, when the problem occurred, what you were doing, etc.
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