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    I am using my pre without service so i was wondering how i will get the 1.4.5 update? Do I have to doctor to 1.4.5?
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    You will most likely have to wait for the official 1.4.5 Doctor version to be released since your current phone isn't on any carrier - unless it pulls your update directly from Palm instead of a carrier via wifi.
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    Probably won't work to update via wifi since you don't create a Palm Profile.
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    any idea when official 1.4.5 doctor will be available for sprint pre?
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    Usually takes a short time to come out.. Not sure, but there is a short wait.
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    I have a sprint pre and switched to an evo. I used the kill radio patch when I got my new phone so that my pre would still work and not get the shut off signal. Just did the upgrade and everything seems fine. Preware is updating patches right now. On a side note I did not remove any patches or tweeks. I still use my pre every day as a bedside alarm clock, streaming music player and bedside email /browser.
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    I have to piggy-back off this thread, I hope you don't mind OP.

    My Pre is in the process of getting flashed to MetroPCS. Once it is flashed I will be able to access the web through Metro and/or wifi.

    So now I'm wondering with Metro's internet what will I have access to? ...such as App Store but most importantly update 1.4.5? The App Store or Metro's internet isn't much of an appeal to me, but getting 1.4.5. So do you ladies and guys think I'll be able to get 1.4.5 through Metro's internet? Thank you in advance!

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