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    I am about to update to 1.4.5 and thought I had read somewhere how to get all my patches back after an update. I have several patches and running F105. Is there a quick way to get my phone back up and running after the update and is there anything I should do first besides uninstall everything? TIA
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    Download the Save/Restore app and download Pre Backup Utility. Backup everything. And do your profile too.
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    There is no need to uninstall everything, only themes, certain scrims and a few other select patches.

    Any of the others that need updated to work with 1.4.5 will show up on your Preware list, you can select update all and it will then run and take care of it.

    Anything that doesn't work with 1.4.5 will be inserted as placeholders and you'll be reminded in the future to update them, when they are ready to work with the new update.
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    preware backs up your patches from within the preware app
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    all my patches are there, just none of them are working. I uninstalled some and try to reinstall them, but I get a error from preware. anybody got any clues?

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