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    Download now fellow sprint pre owners
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    Not downloading for me! When I click on download now, it goes again to the Checking for Updates screen.
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    it's out, but kicks you bacck and reloads when it starts to download...
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    I am currently downloading 1.4.5 everyone

    Update: I am having the same problem as seen in other thread (starts to download then shows "checking for updates" screen and then back to "Palm webOS 1.4.5 is now available."
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    I just checked the update application, and there it was!
    Downloading now
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    Carrier and device please!
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    Downloading now as well. Northeast Florida.
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    yeah I'm having the same problem. once I click download on my palm pre it goes back to checkign for update. I'm gonna try a restart first.
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    got it out here on SoCal... rejoice! now flash??
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    network and device please!
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    confirmed. Austin, TX.
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    should i download it if i already doctored to 1.4.5? It is avaliable for me, I just checked
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    got it too in Utah.
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    It's just looping for me... starts downloading, goes back to searching for updates, finds it, starts downloading, then goes back to searching again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    network and device please!
    Sprint and Palm Pre
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    Sprint 1.4.5 palm pre.
    says able to downloade 1.4.5 however whenever I go to download, it will load for a moment than it will go back to looking for updates.
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    San Francisco, CA too! xD
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