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    mine is bare stock from a recent sprint store replacement... Hartford, CT... Sprint pre... Looping on update
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    Sprint Pre
    Looping: Yes
    Size: 8 MB
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    hmm im in the loop as well this sucks........waiting all this time just to get stuck in a loop lol
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    update available ... downloading ... update available ... downloading ...
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    Sprint Pre
    North Carolina
    Stuck in download loop

    Could it be that Palm is now limiting the number of simultaneous downloads from their server?

    EDIT: The download was not pushed to my Pre, I went after it. Don't know if that makes a difference.
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    Location: WI
    Carrier: Sprint
    Download Status: Looping
    Rebooting phone: Does not help
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    Looping here in Jax, Fla. on Sprint and file size is 8MB. Rebooting (I all said it doesnt work but I immediately did it out of instinct)....
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    Los Angeles, CA, Palm Pre, Sprint, 8MB, Phone restart, still in loop
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    sprint - michigan - looping - 8 mb file size
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    Sprint Palm Pixi, I believe the problem is on palms side, not your phone. I've restarted three times, even removed govnah and re-imaged the original kernel and still nada
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    and my file size on pixi is 38mb, much larger than the pre
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    mine and wifes pre are stuck in a loop. Sprint 8mb 1.4.5 from spartanburg south carolina
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    West Coast Sprint Pre, 8mb, just kicked to the loop!
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    I have to assume this isn't palm restrivting the njmber of downloads... The only people this dedicated to updating their phones off their US servers would be this community and we are all reporting issues. Has anyone seen any recurrence of that change to a 38MB update?
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    lol, Was gonna ask if I lose all my patches and such but it looks like I don't even have to bother with this update.
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    Sprint servers are overloaded due to EVO update hitting at the same time
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Eastern Kentucky here, and it's available. 8 MB for a Sprint Pre. Mine's not altered in any way and it's still looping.

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    I just watched the syslog after clicking the download button... it writes out a 404 not found error followed by a CurlDownload returned E0090005. Sounds like not all of the servers are quite ready.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    Sprint servers are overloaded due to EVO update hitting at the same time
    the evo got updated a while ago <what> u talking about?
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    Looping here

    Sprint - Pre - Chicago
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