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    downloading now, in Canada
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    mine says 8mb
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    Chicago.. it's here!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtstang300 View Post
    mine says 8mb
    Same here.
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    Mine says 8 Mb and it looped
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    Hurry up, you fools, and fix my GPS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sapient2k7 View Post
    downloading now, in Canada
    On Bell I assume?
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    sprint | arkansas | looping:yes | 8MB filesize
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    Downloading now in New York City.
    Mine is downloading and I'm waiting to install.

    Sprint Palm Pre.
    Stuck in a loop!!! 8mb.
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    Sprint, South Carolina, stuck in loop too...
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    who wants to try webos doctor?
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    new jersey
    looping: YES
    size: 38MB??!!
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    east coast jacksonvilel fl 11:18 8mb
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    i see that a lot of people are getting stuck in a loop. if you AREN'T getting a loop, can you please state that as well?
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    ugh.... Im getting the loop on the update... Trying a restart now...

    Edit: Im in Ohio using a Sprint Pre...

    Tried the restart still getting the same problem. I still have Govnah installed but on the Palm Default Profile, that shouldnt cause any problems should it?
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    8mb update on Sprint stuck in loop. Even after restart. Trying on my wife's Pre too which is less heavily customized than mine.
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    Sprint, 8MB, Sacramento, CA. Looping. :\
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    Quote Originally Posted by H-Cubed View Post
    ugh.... Im getting the loop on the update... Trying a restart now...
    tried that, too. restarting did NOTHING >.>
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    wisconsin sprint looping 8mb
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    Ha! Ha! Us VZ users aren't stuck in an infinite loop!
    "Palm webOS" comes up just as quickly as ever!
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