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    I'm stuck in the infinite loop as well
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    stupid AT&T.
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    same here (Sprint Pre)
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    here too
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    Yes, im in central florida.
    Im going to restart my phone tosee if the loop stops
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    My phone lists it as 8m.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelet View Post
    It's just looping for me... starts downloading, goes back to searching for updates, finds it, starts downloading, then goes back to searching again.
    Same here... so weird... PALM STOP TEASING US ALREADY
    Cingular 3125 --> Samsung Instink! --> Palm Pre --> ???
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    Looping for me as well on both a Sprint Pre and Pixi.
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    the luna restart didn't help me with the constant checking instead of downloading
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    looping here as well... (sprint)
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    Tampa, FL, stuck in loop. Sprint Palm Pre
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    I'm having the same problem? Is there anyone in the midwest that can verify????????
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    same here dallas tx
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    Have the 1.4.5 pre released version and also got the update notification. It is 3MB. Same redoanloading problem as everyone else though.
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    I bet there's some kind of time restriction on the update. Like how apps show up on the XML feed before they're actually available in the catalog.
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    Downloading now in New York City.
    Sprint Palm Pre.
    Not downloading at all... Seem to be stuck in a loop.
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    My Sprint Pre is just looping as well. KC. Nice. NOT!
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    I'm stuck in a loop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    network and device please!
    Sprint Palm Pre
    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
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    just hard restarted it, sprint pre over wifi is still looping.
    who wants to try webos doctor?
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