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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Not working here, yet.
    Running Homebrew on my Pre, Wii, PSP and DS. The DS ruined the rhyming that was going on there...sigh.
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    downloading in UT
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    downloading in nyc
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    Chicago - the loop has ended and it's downloading! Yay!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelrj View Post
    .1 of a difference
    There was never a release of the specs huh?
    I guess we'll find out when we download tomorrow night!
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    It's downloading in Philadelphia.
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    downloading now Sprint Pre
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    OMG! it is really downloading now. Pre-Rochester NY
    Sprint: 2-TouchPad 32g, Frank.-Pre-2, Pre-, MiFi & 1-LG Lotus with Xlink tied to home handsets. Backups: 650 & 700wx

    HP Please release the CDMA Pre3 phones!
    We want them!!!
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    MY UPDATE IS FINALLY DOWNLOADING! I tapped download and I just kept tapping it and it finally kept going! Thank frackin god!

    Sprint Palm Pixi

    Location: Iowa
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    Finally out of the loop and downloading in WA state on Sprint.

    Good luck everyone.

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    nvm it said un able to conect but picked up where it stoped
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    me too it looks like it is finally downloading to my sprint pre in seattle. anyone notice any new apps after the update?
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    Was in the loop before but now it's downloading...slowly.
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    Yep, waited a few minutes, then tried again and it is now actually downloading!
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    Sprint Pre in Utah. Currently 'Unpacking' - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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    Me too, in San Diego. Already downloaded, now unpacking.
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    Downloading at 1 Kbps. Woot.
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    unpacking in Baton Rouge!
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    yes!!!!! Finally downloading right now
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    Validating the download.

    Houston, TX.

    Done validating, it is installing now.
    My Pre is rebooting.

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