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    How to Set Up Exchange Hotmail in iPhone or Android to Active Sync Email, Calendar and Contacts » My Digital Life

    Among the new features of Hotmail Wave 4, inclusion of Exchange ActiveSync protocol allows Hotmail to support push e‐mail on the web, PC, and the mobile phone, where users can seamlessly synchronize email, calendar and contacts between the phone and the Web. Although Hotmail is not switching to be powered by Exchange Server, it’s adopting the Exchange ActiveSync protocol so that it can sync email, contacts, and calendar data, over the air, to mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and other smart phones.

    Email: or or
    Server Address:
    SSL: Enabled
    Username: or or
    Password: password
    Domain: <blank>

    *but this doesn't work on the pre* WHY?
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    hit the site with the Pre browser first and accept the certificate...

    And this thread's name makes it sound like you want help with your Android, so you probably wont get much interest. You can ask a Mod to rename it for you...
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    you mean got to Sign In and just sign and or is there more to this
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    mobile version or web version?
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    Like i posted in the other thread it's not fully rolled out yet.
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    @alijahg34 - please don't create duplicate threads for this topic. If you want the title changed, let us know.
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    Has anyone got this working yet? According to, Microsoft is slowly turning ActiveSync back on for Hotmail accounts after turning it off a month or so again.

    Does anyone have it working now? Did anyone get it working in June or July (when it was working on MS's end?)

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