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    To start, I hope this is the right forum. There wasn't much to choose from, anyways.

    I'd like to thank all of the homebrew community for making my Pre Plus my favorite phone I've ever owned. Been following the PreCentral scene quietly for a while, now. i found out about Preware, I lost my mind and made my phone the most functional phone I've ever seen.

    Now, as a consequence, my phone is ungodly slow. I have a good idea why: I run 65 patches, run Govnah using uberKernel, and use the Mobile Hotspot as my connection to the internet.

    This is why I'm posting. My phone has gotten so slow, it takes forever to wake up, slows down substantially. I can type 60-70 characters and it takes about that long to finally show the text. While I'm using Mobile Hotspot, the phone is directly plugged in from a wall outlet to the phone, and the battery actually dies... and it's plugged in. My phone battery is probably shot to hell, It won't last more than 4ish hours doing little to nothing, and can sometimes drop from 13% battery to 0% battery, then shut off. Govnah has never seemed to work, either: I tell it to run screenstate 800on-250off and it decides to stick with 500. It's unresponsive and I think it's taking more battery TRYING to work than actually working.

    I'm hoping to speed it up without having to doctor. I hate doctoring, it makes such a hassle.

    So my questions are:
    1. What is the safest way to uninstall uberKernel/Govnah?
    2. Is there a better working release of Govnah yet? It worked fine until I updated it recently.
    3. I know there is a new 1.2Ghz patch, and I'm interested, but would it still be compatible with a screenstate 1.2Ghz on- 250 or 125Mhz off, considering I can't get it to work properly now?
    4. What are some of the most battery/power consuming patches? I can list out all the patches I use, but I'd rather save my fingers (considering I already typed out a short story...) If there are some that take too much that I have installed, I might consider uninstalling them.

    I just want my Pre to be a little more snappy.

    Thank you all in advance
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    Honestly, if i were you, i would doctor and reinstall your patches / kernal from a fresh start. I did this the other day and found my phone to be much more snappy than it was after about 6 months of random tweaking.

    Use preware and save a list of packages, and then you can reinstall it all easily.
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    Curses. I will probably end up doing that tonight, then. I figured that'd be the answer.
    I'm almost curious to try the 1.2Ghz patch to see how fast it becomes now, but if I just install it after a doctoring, it'll be supreme.

    Still curious about the most power-consuming patches, though. I'm pretty sure I have some patches that conflict with each other, somewhere.
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    another reason the phone will slow down is if you have too many old text messeges/call history/web history/etc...u can try deleting those first if you haven't before
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    The reason why it's stuck at 500 is I think that as long as it's plugged in, the kernel defaults to that speed.

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