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    I just doctored my phone to webos and it won't redownload any of my apps or any new ones... Says Can't install... Must delete apps to make space, but that's not possible as I just doctored my phone... Any help here?
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    When you doctor your phone it resets everything but the media portion of your drive (what is accessible when connected to the computer). Some additional information is backed up and restored (alarms, accounts, ect..)

    If you have too much stuff stored it could easily not have enough room, though if your sure you do try to download them again after a restart.
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    thanks for the replay... I just tried to delete some photos off the pre and it's failing at that too... This leads me to believe something on the harddrive has been corrupted... Should I do a full whipe of the phone? If so will I loose anything important like contacts?

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