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    I wonder if anyone can point me to an email address of an authorised person within Palm who is interested in solving an appalling level of customer service in their European service centre?

    I have an O2 De that I bought from Expansys HK in November. I returned the phone for the usual touchscreen failure that some say up to 1/4 of Palm users after 5 months.

    That was 77 days ago!

    After making at least 10 calls to Expansys (HK and UK), and speaking via chat to Palm 3x, no-one can tell me when the repair might be made except that the "service database is showing that we are waiting for parts".

    If you could help I would be much obliged. Its the kind of service that would make a CEO jump!

    Thanks, Pangi
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    Oh rats, I just sent my pre in for the same thing to the same people.....Please post if you have any updates.....
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    Just an update. Got my phone back in the 5 weeks they quoted me. Fixed the touchscreen and power button problems - Only thing is that it came back Network Locked. My phone was a german qwertz so they are going to get the unlock code for me. I can't complain about their service or follow up.
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    Hello, at first sorry for my bad english. I'm a palm pre (movistar spain) user who have a similar problem. My Pre have a wifi issue, it haves a poor coverage and it's sent to palm europe headquarters on Windsor, UK. It has been there for a month and the unique answer from Palm spain is that the phone been there and They haven't anymore information.
    I want to ask if you get any information or recieved any mail that indicates the phone state. I don't recieved nothing since my phone was sent.
    In any case, at Palm spain recently gave me that mail address for sent any question to Palm europe.
    Thanks for all

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