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    I walked into RS. Pre plus has neen discontinued.

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    The Pre Plus has not been discontinued. Radioshack simply no longer carries it. If that's what you meant, it wasn't very clear.
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    did they ever carry the pre plus? that would have been from AT&T and that's only been out a couple of months.

    The stopped carrying the Sprint Pre, but that was a looooong time ago.
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    thanks for the clarification.

    I did not realize someone could interpret that radioshack would put an end to... And discontinue.... The pre plus on all carriers.

    RS.. Discontinues sprint pre, carries att preplus for less than 3 months.. Than discontinues it as well.

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    i didnt think rs carried the pre plus either (at the store at least). only time that i heard that they did was only online
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    I just got two of them saturday at a radio shack. That being said one had a defect and having trouble finding a shack that has one to exchange (they are trying to have one sent down from another one not in the area).
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    I've gotten 3 for about 10 bucks each, and a Pixi back for 5. Had to go to/call 6 stores to track it all down, but worth it!

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