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    My Pre's screen recently cracked, and I just went through insurance to get a new one. I received the new one, had my profile transfered over to it, and now I need to send the old one back in the pre-paid envelope. Couple of questions before I do that:

    1) How do I make sure all of my old contacts, etc. are wiped from my old device? I thought just transferring everything would cover it, but when I turn on my old device all of my contacts are still there. I hate to send it back with other people's personal info on there. (ditto with my calendar- all old events are still there)

    2) How do I get apps onto my new device? Sprint told me they would transfer with my Palm Profile - nope! I thought maybe if I downloaded the apps again it would sync up with my profile in terms of what I had paid for. No dice on that either.

    Thanks all for any help you can provide!
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    First, you can delete your palm profile off that phone, or manually delete each contact. Second, do a full erase on the device. Apps purchase from palm application will be transfer to your new phone, once you sign in to your palm profile. If there is any modification on the device you might wanna run a webos doc on it, just to make sure everything back to stock settings. Here is the new link:

    Best of luck.
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    thank you so much! How do I do a full erase on it just to wipe it all out? Also, I loaded my Palm profile to my new device and my apps still aren't showing up. (got all my contacts and calendar, etc but my apps are missing)

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