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    I am having problems sending my boyfriend text messages, I bought the Palm Pre Plus from AT&T, it has been jail broken for Cinci Bell. I know this cannot be a service problem, I put my boyfriend's number in my phone, when I go to view his contact, i try to press the "SMS" button next to his name, it won't continue to the text screen, it does for everyone else in my phone? Also, I cannot send or receive and texts from him, but can call him fine. Any suggestions on what to do?
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    Hi mariwaterman, and Welcome to the forums!

    Have you tried simply deleting his contact information and then re-adding it again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Hi mariwaterman, and Welcome to the forums!

    Have you tried simply deleting his contact information and then re-adding it again?
    Yes, I've done everything, including trying to send a mass text to other friends with his number (not saved as a contact) I enter my message and press the airplane button to send, it does nothing. it's like it hates just him? lol
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    I am having the same problem (although my cell is not jail broken/altered). I entered a contact and am able to call them, but when I touch the blue sms button next to thier name on the r contact page nothing happens. I have tried typing in his name from the message screen and sending a text but as soon as i hit send, the text disappears into thin air and there is no record of it?? I have tried deleting and re-entering thier info and rebooting without luck. Any ideas?
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    I also have the same problem too!!!!! errrrrr
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    I am having this problem as well. Any solutions found?
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    have all of you saved the contacts on the sim card? if so, you better change it to palm profile or another account, that might solve your problem
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    Users with GSM phones usually save numbers on their sim card, rather than their phone ~ because if something happens to the phone they have all their info stored on the sim card, however, this usually cause this type of problem, because your palm profile doesn't usually recognize your contact(s). Try storing contacts to your phone. Ps. All stored contacts once saved on your phone is store in your palm profile, as long as you have palm profile set as your default setting in contacts..there is nothing to worry about. Note: You can always press sync now after adding contact(s). The phone "Back Up" system is required to do just that each day..(Back up all your info to your Palm profile)

    If you have all this done, and still having issues with your contact(s) then you're dealing with.. what I call the "Unknown" which would require the last form of trouble-shooting, which would be a trip to our doctor department. Doctor link: Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals.

    Cheers ~
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    Maybe for you buddy... notice the word used "Usually" :-D:-D.

    Most GSM users use a cloud service (Google/Palm/EAS) to store their contacts.
    That's the whole purpose of getting a Pre and webOS right?

    (Rush's Response)
    I've seen that someone have been doing some Google Searching.. Awesome! least you're making better use with your time. :-D

    [Post deleted because ~ I'm the Tazmrator, and I have the last say].
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    Well, I'm having the same problem with just one of my contacts, and I'm on Sprint (CDMA of course). I just added my nephew onto my plan less than a month ago. If I text to his phone number, not using the saved contact, I can reach him. However, his replies to me don't get to me. The button doesn't work in universal search or the contact app, and not in call history either. I have had no problems with any other contact. My sister's family is all on Sprint as well, and I have no issues with any of them except my nephew's new account.

    I tried deleting the Google contact and readding in the Palm Profile -- same results -- it really seems like there is something not registered or something with the new phone number.

    You know how you can text to a non-text capable number, and the service "reads" the text -- did that by accident once, and it was hilarious. Well, I can save their home number in the contact with my nephew, and it works fine, so it's nothing to do with the contact per se.


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