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    I just noticed that 2 of my contacts pulled from facebook got stuck together one being the father with just his name the other being the son with jr attached the father didn't show up at all and the son had all the numbers and even 2 different birthdays. I was about to ask for advice or a fix but then I thought about it and just went to the contacts and unlinked them. Has anyone else seen this happen or was it just a glitch/fluke?
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    I have the same issue. The only thing I was able to do was unlink the accounts in the contacts app. That effectively makes a duplicate for one or both of the contacts, but I live with it.

    The alternative is to not sync with some of your contact sources - in my case Facebook. But, it is better for me to just unlink the contacts...
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    Yep....I have seen this happen now and again. Just unlink in the Contacts App and your golden.
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    It can also happen even if you are only syncing with one account. I found this out when I doctored my phone and did a resync with my gmail. It linked all my contacts in very weird ways and I had to fix them all.

    Just a weird glitch that happens, sometimes.
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