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    Hi. I tried to do a search but didn't really find my answer. My screen finally got the infamous cracked screen after almost a year. Palm has agreed to service it since I am still within the warranty. I have two questions. First, does having preware and patches on my phone void the warranty. Second is there anyway to delete the preware and texts and emails that are currently on my phone... Touchscreen does not work. Thanks for any help.
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    You could wipe your phone remotely via the Palm Profile login at
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    Well that and doesnt doctor delet all pre ware files and such
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    Quote Originally Posted by low3 View Post
    Well that and doesnt doctor delet all pre ware files and such
    Yea it does.. Since you might not be able to see link posts, because of your low post count.

    Type in and do a doc, which would wipe your phone completely clean. Right back to factory settings.

    Best of luck.
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    back everything up and then do a "secure erase" so the device is back to factory fresh condition...

    BEFORE you do that, Use Save/Restore (in Preware) for app info, and the integrated backup-restore capabilities within Preware...
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    I think the problem the OP may have with some of this is that his touch screen is dead.....thus my remote wipe suggestion. However running webOS doctor may still be possible.
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    thanks... I did the remote erase , hopefully it does the trick.
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    preware and patches won't void the warrenty. An overclocked kernal could, if applicable

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