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    So my wife got a new Samsung Intercept and I had the Moment which I might add I never had 1 problem with.

    So my wife's intercept right out of the box is just a hunk of junk, Internet access keeps dropping, phone lags like a stopped up toilet. So after 4 visits to Sprint and all they could do is hard reset it she decided she wanted my phone cause IT WORKS and she likes Android cause its easy. So we take her Intercept back to Best Buy and they give me an even swap for the Pre even though the Pre was 50bucks more. So she gets my Moment and I'm off and running with my new Pre.

    Now my plan was to use the Pre till the Epic drops and buy it OC. but after using Quick Install and now Preware I might just be hanging around till we see a new Palm.

    I like the easiness of Android and how its customizable out the box but the apps are really generic but all the apps were free and/or cheap and there are tons. But I must say the ease in which I was able to read your guides and get my phone customized with out any problems so damn fast was very impressive. I really like the community you guys have here and glad to be a part of it.

    So in the end I'm happy my wife is happy and I don't have to blow 400+ bucks in a few weeks/days/months (when ever the Epic Drops) on a new phone cause I think my Pre will last me till we see a new Palm Device.
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    I'm reminded of a tattoo in 'down periscope'

    welcome aboard!
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    Welcome to the P|C forums and your new addiction - webOS!

    Awesome that you were able to get Preware installed and start playing around so quickly! There are MANY patches in there that will make the phone incredibly fun and more customized to your tastes. If you add the testing feeds to Preware you can add the Uberkernal to your device (along with Govnah app) to increase your Pre's speed incredibly (and safely).

    Enjoy you experience with webOS! I'm sure you will be amazed with the simplicity and elegance it brings to the mobile market. If you have questions, I hope you find the answers here at P|C.
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    you don't need testing feeds to add uberkernal and govnah. But to let them go past 800mhz you do... Last I knew @ least
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    True... I mentioned Uberkernal.. but as habit I always think of the Alpha kernals when I give instructions Thanks for pointing that out.. I need to rework my verbage.
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    The next 2 things I recommend you do just for ease of use and backup safety is install/use Save-Restore from within Preware. Then, add FTP access using FileZilla to easily save your Save-Restore information in the event you have a serious failure that takes out your /media/internal data and for generally getting around in your Pre wirelessly.

    Welcome and have fun with it!
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    I grabbed a evo and started modding it... Honestly, it wasn't the easiest thing to do. While I did get help from some, often I was left hanging, wondering why it was boot looping, having several types of displays, some evos that couldn't handel certain kernals while others could and not being able to mix and match with patches.... That's what I love about this community. Boy did I miss it. While I was a bit sad about losing that big beautifull screen, its nice to have my trusty ZomPre back
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    Glad you're enjoying it It's good to get flight time with all the different operating systems so you can better make your decision when it's upgrade time.
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    Welcome to the p|c forums and to the world of WebOS
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    Who'd have guessed that an OS named "Android" would be cold, sterile, and complicated?

    Nice to have another Pre in the wild!
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    Quote Originally Posted by toyotast165 View Post
    I'm reminded of a tattoo in 'down periscope'

    welcome aboard!
    Har de Har Har.

    Likewise to the OP. Glad your in the pre-camp. The future looks bright. Just be prepared to sit around with lack of news for awhile.
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