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    This is one of those reasons why I still rely on my Treo 680.. if only the Pre could handle all that and more..

    Then again, I don't think my Pre could handle that much usage away from a charger. So I guess having the Treo is a VERY good compromise -- work and major phone calls in one hand, connectivity and synergy in the other.

    Makes sense to me.
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    and that's where I ended up.

    one of the things I use my phones for is writing. I created a 200 page short story collection on my 755 - palm phones allowed me to capture ideas on the spot. It allowed me to play with numbers in a way that no other phone was capable.

    I miss that in palm.

    make no mistake - the pre is an awesome phone - but it seems so palm/not when compared to their past.

    believe me, I understand entertainment value. I am a mafia wars & a castle age fanatic on facebook - and i've snatched down every graphic intense game in the catalog.

    it just grinds me a little when those times arrive where I have to get up and get my other phone. My other phone was last generation palm - and it DID everything... It's a confusing thing to understand.

    it's like cadillac putting out a new model car with a suspension from the seventies... And I just don't get it.
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