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    so my verizon palm pre plus notified me while I was trying to connect to mobile hotspot that that feature is no longer free. I am deeply saddened by this. It was a great perk to choosing verizon's service.
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    wrong, you just haven't added it to your plan. Call cust service and they will add it at bo cost.

    or you can use mytether. Equally good and also free.

    you misread that dialog.
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    Workerb33 is correct, it's still free. When I ordered mine they added it on but when I went to activate my phone I had problems and they had to reenter everything and forgot to add the MHS back on. Only took a second to correct it. I just went to the site and a rep came on for instant chat so I asked and it's still free. Call and make sure they add it. It's a wonderful deal!

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    and if you've used it before and your phone only just now told you you're not authorized - it lied. mine did that to me last weekend, but was fine afterwards...
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    My phone lied to me about Mobile Hotspot at one point (sadly it was on a train when it would've been really useful), but now it functions normally.

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