Due to often traveling I exchange the SIM in my Pre (weOS 1.4.5) with a SIM from the country I'm currently residing in. One thing I noticed a while back, but ignored it since it was irrelevant to me, is that webOS "hijacks" all saved incoming and outgoing messages on the SIM and moves them to the phone and leaves _no_ copy of the SMS on the SIM, it just moves it.

So it happened that I forgot about this "feature" (inconvenience) and put in as used to my other SIM, and my Pre instantly moved all SMS from the SIM to the phone. But I need the SMS back on the SIM again. But not just back on the SIM. I need them back, with original sender and original receiving date/time.

What are my options? I'm a Preware user and also hove a few patches installed, so a patch option that enables copying or moving SMS back to the SIM is absolutely accepted, unless it breaks original sender and receiving date/time.

Thank you.