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    What is the average battery charge expectancy? My Pre gets 6 hours at most on a single charge. Damn that's low, and that's with average use.
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    that's pretty good. VZW has touchstones on sale for 9.99 each, so stock up or buy the 2600mAh battery,
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    6 hours is about what I get, too. If I'm away from a power source, I carry a spare battery and charger. When my battery gets low, I swap batteries and charge the old one in my backpack. I always attempt to hot swap -- swap the batteries while plugged into a power source. It works roughly 4 in 10 times, the other 6 times it resets anyway.
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    I carry 3 batteries to get through my day. I refuse to get a 3600 mah battery that makes my Pre look like a brick.
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    I've also staryed carrying an external battery thay plugs in to the usb port and charges while in my backpack.

    the coolest option is the holster that has a battery in it and charges while in the holster. There is a thread around here that has lots of reviews and info...
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    smartphones do like the juice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    smartphones do like the juice!
    Well, the battery doesn't have a lot mah for all that wanted juice.
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    I don't use my phone very much so I can usually get around 25-30hrs on stand-by. That's with the SR-71 kernel using screenstate 500MHz-1200MHz. This is also in areas with very good cell signal. In areas of low signal strength I get around 4-6 hours.
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    I always pick up spare batteries for any phone I have, just makes it a lot easier when traveling or spending a day away from home.

    I usually get 6 to 8 hours on a single battery, which is about what I expect from a smartphone with multi-tasking.

    I am sure my battery life would drop a little more if I actually used my Pre to make phones calls, but that's what I use it for the least.
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    Wow, 6 hours would be tough. I typically get 12 - 24 hours. Just enough to get through a day.

    However, I have found that I've become an "opportunistic charger" - anytime I'm near a charger, I plug it in.
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    As the saying goes "your results may vary depending on use". If you are a heavy user there is not a smartphone made that's battery can go all day. I consider myself a light to medium user (testing, phone calls and occasionally checking my email) and typically my Pre can go a long day and still have 60% to 70% battery left. I am using a Mugen 1400 and have done many battery tests and my Pre's consumption is typically around 1% per hour at idle with the screen off.
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    I go through the battery much faster when my son starts texting me, especially since they usually incorporate videos that mom MUST watch!
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    6 hours is crazy. I get 12-15 easy, even on days I use it more than others.
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    i got about 6 hours too...Am i doing something wrong?..Ohhhhhh i kno...I have my GPS on lol. and google services.
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    I have no idea what my battery life is - I figured out pretty early that I liked 'as received' alerts on a couple of my email accounts and GPS and Facebook, so I've stocked up on Touchstones - 6 total! work, living room, bedroom, office, both cars. thank goodness for the sale/clearance prices & amazon for the cable
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    I get probably 8 hours on average... and it gets really old on days when i'm not around power. Tempts me to go back to Blackberry until I see Palm's new hardware...
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    What is the largest battery that is still touchstone compatable? (no mods)
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    1400 Mah. I have the Pre Plus w/ a 1350 and get less battery life than my buddy's Sprint Pre with stock battery... same kernels and major settings. I just don't get this phone sometimes.
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    Battery Monitor App is really nice for seeing where the juice goes. I've improved my life by a few hours just by being smarter.. And without turning off data, gps, or phone. I DO keep wifi off if I'm not actually using it... Helps.
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