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    How do you update one app at a time. I says many of my apps have updates available but will take too much room. There are only a couple that I would to update.

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    Go to the particular app in the App catalog, and tap where it says update available on the bottom of the screen.
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    Or go into the app catalog, hit the bag in the lower right corner. You'll see a list of all your installed apps. All updatable ones will have a button on the right side of the list entry. Tap it and you're good to go.
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    If you don’t have enough room to update apps, you may have too many apps on your phone. If I were you I would consider removing some apps, or music, or videos to create more room. I periodically remove apps that I have downloaded but have only used once or twice. If you are afraid of loosing money on paid apps, your palm profile tracks what apps you have paid for an will allow you to load them again.
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    Updating an app shouldn't take up more room? :S
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    Temporarily it does. Before the app is updated, the package has to be downloaded to the phone. Usually an update adds content to the app, so it will probably be a bit larger than before. During the update however it will have to take up more than that, because there will be the installed version and the IPK of the updated version side by side, even if only for a millisecond.
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